Viral Serology

An example of the threat emerging and reemerging viruses can pose is the recent chikungunya virus (CHIKV) outbreak that swept through the Americas. CHIKV, an alphavirus spread by mosquito vectors, causes acute infections often followed by chronic complications, including long-term joint pain. To assess the threat that CHIKV poses to the blood supply, we conducted viral nucleic acid and serological surveys of blood donors in Puerto Rico. Blood donors with detectable CHIKV RNA were detected during the 2014 epidemic in Puerto Rico, demonstrating the rapidity and explosiveness of such epidemics. Indeed, serosurveys flanking the epidemic demonstrated that in one short season, 25% of blood donors in Puerto Rico acquired CHIKV. A number of the CHIKV positive donations had high viral loads and were IgM and IgG negative, suggesting they were in the peak phase of acute infection - highlighting the risk of blood transfusion transmission. Using this data we were able to calculate the approximate length of different stages of acute infection.

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