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Your support is vital to continuing Vitalant Research Institute's (VRI) groundbreaking research in the field of transfusion medicine. The generous contribution of foundations, corporations and individuals enables VRI to conduct research that will help prevent transmissible disease like HIV and West Nile virus, and to help heal those already afflicted with these diseases.

With your support, VRI can hire some of the best medical researchers in the fields of stem cell therapy, cell biology, virology and immunology in an effort to protect the nation's blood supply.

Your financial support will go toward funding a study of the natural progression of West Nile virus in an effort to see how it moves through the human immune system, to help VRI purchase new and much-needed equipment such as a flow cytometer, used to sort and analyze cells, or to search for undiscovered transmissible diseases that could infect the nation's blood supply.

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Tanya Perry
Vice President, Finance

6210 East Oak Street
Scottsdale, Az. 85257

Phone (480) 675-5506

Invest in the future of transfusion medicine by supporting the Vitalant Research Institute.