Vitalant Research Institute (VRI):
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Partnering with local, national and global research and healthcare communities to provide customizable pharmaceutical and research grade blood and blood components to meet your needs.

Our Viral Reference Lab and Repository Core leads multi-center clinical and translation studies in areas including: infectious disease, blood screening, diagnostic assay development and validation, and transfusion efficacy as well as offering a broad range of services in multiple areas.
  • Specimen processing and cell isolation, purification, characterization and cryopreservation
  •  Management and operationalization of all aspects of sample handling for multi-site specimen collection, transport, processing, repository and testing
  • Partnership with clinical trial sponsors including global HIV vaccine clinical trials networks

VRI Molecular Transfusion Core has expertise in DNA and RNA extraction and quantification, pathogen detection by real-time PCR and TMA including ultra sensitive HIV plasma viral load. Our Immunology Core collaborates extensively on biomarker detection by ELISA, Luminex, Meso Scale, as well as Flow cytometry and cell sorting.

Vitalant Research Institute (VRI) is a global leader in transfusion medicine. We are dedicated to advancing blood safety and the translational development of new, modified and novel blood components worldwide through scientific research, education and the promotion of evidence-based policies.
As a trusted global collaborator, we partner with government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), World Health Organization (WHO) as well as multiple healthcare, academic and industry partners.
We provide blood derived products and services for clients including researchers, diagnostic laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotech companies. These products can be customized to meet individual research specifications.

Cell Source Offerings

  • Blood products to support preclinical and basic research
  • Beta-testing of collection and processing systems
  • Whole blood, red blood cells (RBC) in additive solution, apheresis platelets, plasma, cryoprecipitate
  • Component processing, irradiation, client specific additive solutions
  • Infectious disease screening and bacterial testing of blood products
  • Blood product collected from subjects under an IRB-approved protocol in Denver, CO and San Francisco, CA — which can be shipped anywhere in the United States

Research donor collections: Blood products drawn from research donors recruited and consented under Vitalant research donor protocol using FDA-approved collection methods.

Research Whole Blood
450-550mL fresh whole blood unit.
Research Apheresis
Platelets, plasma, RBC-unit platelets may be collected in 100% plasma or in platelet additive solution (PAS).
Leukopheresis (Leukopak Collection)
100-300mL Mononuclear cell (MNC) apheresis collection concurrent plasma collection (50-200mL) may be added.
Whole Blood Samples
Volume and type of specimen customized per client specifications.

Allogeneic blood donor de-identified products collected using FDA-approved collection methods

Leukoreduction Chamber from Apheresis Collections
5-10mL of enriched peripheral blood leukocytes. Chambers are sealed. Cell isolation/purification can be added.
Trima Residual from Apheresis Collections
-50mL of blood enriched for leukocytes predominately MNCs remaining in the apheresis kit harness and leukoreduction chamber collected by aseptic closed method.
Expired Red Blood Cells
200-250mL of red blood cells in CP2D anticoagulant and additive solution, cells are greater than 35 days old.
200-300mL of plasma in CP2D anticoagulant. Liquid or frozen within 24 hours of collection are available.

Laboratory Services

PBMC Isolation from Whole Blood and Leukapheresis Collections
PBMC isolation by density gradient purification and cryopreservation.
Magnetic Bead Cell Enrichment (including CD34 Stem Cells)
Cell subset purification by immunomagnetic bead positive or negative selection.
Plasma or Serum Processing
Separation and aliquoting from whole blood derived plasma and serum.
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