Transfusion Immunology

Early transfusion immunology work in the lab focused on identifying which blood donors harbored anti-HLA antibodies to allow rational TRALI risk reduction screening. In addition, research on pathogen reduction mediated by UV light exposure has revealed that UV light decreases the immunogenicity of irradiated cells. This effect is mediated in part through down-regulation of intercellular adhesion molecules (ICAMs), which blocks T cell recognition of the foreign cells. UV light decreases the ability of actin to aggregate ICAMs on the cell surface after exposure to anti-ICAM antibody, preventing sustained interaction with allo-specific T cells.

More recent work has focused on defining how transfusion affects the global immune response, particularly in subjects receiving blood transfusion the setting of randomized trials. Using a combination of measures of cytokines, cellular immune function, and extracellular vesicle markers we hope to define the specific immune pathways modulated by blood transfusion.

Selected Publications:

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