Responses to Emerging Infectious Disease to Assure Blood Safety

Examples of infectious threats to blood safety that we have studied include parvovirus B19, Human Herpes Virus Type 8, T. cruzi (Chagas disease), West Nile virus, Dengue virus, XMRV, SFTSV, and Babesia microti. For some agents we demonstrated significant risk that led to implementation and enhancements of blood donor screening (WNV, Chagas), while for others we determined the agents did not pose a risk to recipients (B19, HHV-8, XMRV, SFTSV) or more limited screening was warranted (DENV, B microti). We continue to study risks of EIDs with current studies focused on Chikungunya and Zika viruses.

To carry out our studies to address blood safety concerns over viral and parasite infections we also evaluate the utility of tests to detect and prevent TT of infections by characterizing the evolving dynamics of molecular and serological markers from acute viremia/parasitemia through seroconversion, followed by resolution of infection or establishment of long-term persistent infection.

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