HIV - Diagnosis, Early Infection Staging, and Recency Testing for Estimating Incidence

Early studies include application of viral culture and novel PCR methods to pooled seronegative donor samples and studies of serial samples from acutely infected participants in the gay male cohort studies to determine the timing of detection of HIV RNA and p24 Ag in plasma and DNA in cells, as well as HIV antibodies detectable by 2nd and 3rd generation immunoassays. The Fiebig Staging system and access to seroconversion panels has enabled characterization of transmitted founder viruses and the evolution of HIV in the context of evolving host immune responses.

We also developed strategies to estimate HIV incidence from cross-sectional serosurveys based on detection of participants with recently acquired infections, requiring modifications of HIV antibody assays to delay detection of seroconversion relative to increasingly sensitive diagnostic assays based on detuning of assay protocols or avidity treatment of HIV+ samples prior to testing. This is now a major field of recency assay development funded by NIH and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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