Vitalant Research Institute-San Francisco Relocates to New and Improved Facilities to Carryout Blood Safety Research and Innovation

Vitalant Research Institute San Francisco

The San Francisco location of Vitalant’s research arm, Vitalant Research Institute (VRI), has moved to a new downtown San Francisco location at 360 Spear Street. The new location provides modern laboratory space for the Research Institute to continue advancing blood safety world-wide through scientific research, education, and the promotion of evidence-based policies.

“We are very excited to move into the new home of VRI. It has been a long journey to see the realization of this new space,” said Dr. Brian Custer, director and senior vice president of research and scientific programs at Vitalant. “Our purpose-built facility will allow VRI to continue to conduct innovative research in transfusion and our proximity to the UCSF Mission Bay campus will enhance the opportunity to develop cutting edge research initiatives.”
The new laboratory space was designed from the ground up with an innovative layout to foster increased efficiency and exceptional safety. Researchers will continue to design and conduct studies that advance transfusion medicine and support public health safety.
“The building was newly renovated when we took it over, which allowed us to design the space from scratch,” said Dirk Johnson, Vitalant’s executive vice-president of blood operations and chief of staff. “Working hand-in-hand with the VRI team, we were able to deliver a new, state-of the-art facility that provides them new efficient space to continue their mission.”
The Spear Street location also provides an inviting new home to welcome donors participating in the Research Institute’s cell sourcing and specialized collection programs. These programs are an industry leader in providing support and expertise in clinical trials, hospital-initiated studies, and specialty contract research services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies.
“The new Spear Street location offers clinical trial research participants an unrivaled donation experience,” said Vitalant’s Vice-President of Research and Scientific Programs, Susanne Marschner. “The location will also be the new home to a variety of specialty projects managed by the Vitalant Innovation Center. This is an exciting time for the Research Institute and the Innovation Center.”
Founded in 1959, Vitalant Research Institute has supported blood safety advances through multiple epidemics and pandemics, and it is on the forefront of donor eligibility research to help allow as many people as possible to give blood and save lives. Learn more about the Research Institute at