The Vitalant Innovation Center begins transforming research into impacT


Vitalant is launching the Vitalant Innovation Center in Denver, Colorado, a key part of the Vitalant Research Institute. Vitalant is investing in the Innovation Center as part of its commitment to advancing the science of transfusion medicine. The center will provide scientific research and translational development expertise to design innovative processes for Vitalant and bring new products to the patients it serves.
Translational science and development involves taking research knowledge and putting it into practical use to make an impact that shapes the practice of blood banking and transfusion medicine. The Vitalant Innovation Center will provide a venue for evaluating productivity and efficiency improvements outside of normal blood center operations. The center will also prepare and distribute investigational blood products for clinical trials. Vitalant aims to attract pioneering vendors and investigators as partners focused on transforming transfusion medicine, which will provide a funding stream to support accelerated innovation and deliver industry-leading products and services.
Construction on the new center is scheduled to begin in early 2022 to create space for additional contract manufacturing and expanded equipment, software, and product evaluation capacity. The new space will expand Vitalant Research Institute’s capacity to collect research donor blood and blood components and expand biorepository capacity in Denver to source cryopreserved samples.
The development and rollout of the new Vitalant Innovation Center is led by Susanne Marschner, Ph.D., vice president of research and scientific programs at Vitalant Research Institute. Dr. Marschner recently joined Vitalant, bringing with her more than 20 years of experience in the field of cell biology and immunology, most recently in her leadership role in global scientific affairs with Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies.
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