The mission of the Bioinformatics Core is to apply and develop cutting-edge computational and statistical methods that support ongoing research projects within Vitalant Research Institute (VRI) and external collaborators.  Current research focus includes metagenomic viral discovery, genomics of HIV pathogenesis and persistence, statistical methods on detection and evaluation of blood-borne infections.  The Bioinformatics Core also offers consultation on general computing, data visualization, statistical modeling and machine learning for collaborators. Xutao Deng, PhD, is the Head of the Bioinformatics Core.  Dr. Deng earned his BS degree from the University of Science & Technology of China, his MS & PhD degrees in information science from the College of Information Science & Technology at the University of Nebraska and completed his Post-doc training in bioinformatics at UCLA.  Dr. Deng has extensive experience in bioinformatics and biostatistics and has published more than 80 papers since 2005.

  • Director: Xutao Deng

    Director: Xutao Deng

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Xutao Deng, Ph.D.

Vitalant Research Institute
270 Masonic Ave
San Francisco, CA 94118
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Phone: (415) 749 - 6606 ext.331

Bioinformatics consultation support

We provide consultation on study design and sample size calculation for array or deep-sequencing-based genomics studies. We have in-house computational pipelines built for metagenomic viral discovery, RNASeq quantification, exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing for variants detection using GATK, Affymetrix & Illumina expression array and SNP chips, GWAS, digital PCR analysis, mass spectrometry and biomarker discovery. We also provide general statistical consultation, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, data visualization and graphing services.

Computing support

We are equipped with a state-of-the-art computing cluster hosted and maintained by the IT department of Vitalant, Arizona. The cluster currently contains 36 servers with a total of 700 cores and 2TB RAM. The cluster is capable of processing most of our deep-sequencing projects and is available to our investigators and collaborators. For additional processing power, we have access to Amazon cloud that is available on a pay-per-use basis.

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Selected Publications


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