The mission of the Epidemiology Core is to perform epidemiological research within Vitalant on blood donors toward assuring a safe and adequate blood supply; support additional research and operational projects requiring epidemiology, statistics, and database analytics expertise within VRI and more broadly to Vitalant, Creative Testing Solutions and their collaborators; and provide service as a data coordinating center for extramurally-funded projects. The Epidemiology Core maintains a donor/donation research database and a blood donation laboratory-screening database for all centers in the Vitalant network, provides ad hoc epidemiology, statistical, and analytic consulting to VRI and non-VRI collaborators, and offers data coordinating and management services for projects with extramural funding.

  • Co - Director: <br> Roberta Bruhn, MS, PhD

    Co - Director:
    Roberta Bruhn, MS, PhD

  • Co - Director: <br>Anne Guiltinan, MA, LMFT

    Co - Director:
    Anne Guiltinan, MA, LMFT

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Roberta Bruhn, MS, PhD

Blood Systems Research Institute
270 Masonic Ave
San Francisco, CA 94118
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Phone: (415) 923-5771 ext. 189


Anne Guiltinan, MA, LMFT

Blood Systems Research Institute
270 Masonic Ave
San Francisco, CA 94118
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Phone: (415) 923-5771 ext.517

Epidemiology and Statistics Consulation Support

We provide consultation regarding study design, human subjects research requirements, questionnaire content, sample size calculation, data collection and management, and statistical analysis techniques on an ongoing basis. Complete statistical analysis of projects as well as manuscript review and editing are also provided.


Database Analytics and Statistics Support

We provide database and data linkage support, as well as statistical analysis to colleagues and collaborators for manuscripts and presentations. Support for ArcGIS projects is also available.


Data Coordinating Center (DCC) Support

We provide complete study management and logistical support for research projects of any size.

The Epidemiology Core is extensively involved in the REDS-III Project:


Research Interests

Peer Reviewed Publications

Bahrami SH, Guiltinan AM, Schlumpf KS, Scott E, Banks LL, D'Andrea P, Hartman EL, Vij V, Wright DJ, Spencer B, Murphy EL; NHLBI Retrovirus Epidemiology Donor Study-II. Donation frequency of blood donors participating in a prospective cohort study of iron status. Transfusion 2011;51:1207-12.

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Book Chapters

Murphy EL, Bruhn R.  Human T cell leukemia viruses types 1 & 2.  In Kaslow, R., Stanberry, L. LeDuc, J., eds. Viral Infections in Humans: Epidemiology and Control 5th ed. New York, NY:Springer; 2014.

Murphy EL, Bruhn R.  Human T-cell lymphotropic virus.  In Bennett, J., Dolin, R., Blaser, M., eds. Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett’s Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases 8th ed. Philadelphia, PA:Elsevier; 2014.

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Image of Thelma Goncalez

Thelma T. Goncalez, MD, PhD
Senior Scientist
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Phone: (415) 749 - 6685

  • Thelma T. Goncalez, MD, PhD, is a Senior Scientist at Vitalant Research Institute (VRI) and Study Coordinator for the Recipient Epidemiology and Donor Evaluation Study III (REDS-III) - International Component Brazil. Dr. Goncalez received her Ph.D. at the University of São Paulo Medical School in São Paulo, Brazil. She is a physician with primary expertise in pediatrics and ICU pediatrics. In addition, she has extensive experience in blood banking, with a focus on transfusion transmitted diseases, health policy, epidemiology and hemovigilance. Dr. Goncalez conducts interdisciplinary research in the field of donor epidemiology and blood safety, particularly with test-seeking donors and Volunteer Counseling and Testing Centers (VCT).
  • Click Here to read more about Dr. Goncalez
Image of Daniel Hindes

Daniel Hindes, BA
Research Associate II
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Phone: (415) 923 - 5771 ext.306

Daniel A. Hindes, BA has filled a variety of different roles at VRI, from administrative assistant and Fellowship Program Coordinator, to study subject recruiter and database coordinator in REDS II and III, to questionnaire designer, utilizing both web-based and scannable forms, for nationwide studies in the United States, Brazil, and South Africa.

Image of Zhanna Kaidarova

Zhanna Kaidarova
Statistician II
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Phone: (415) 923 - 5771 ext.455

Zhanna Kaidarova, MA, MBA works as a statistician at VRI for over 10 years and has been engaged in various studies including HOST, WNV, ZIKA, REDS III, TTIMS, performing SAS analytical programming, data management, quality control, and reporting for research projects

Image of Claire Quiner

Claire Quiner
Scientific Project Manager
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Phone: (415) 923 - 5771 ext.265

Claire A. Quiner, MPH, MCP, administers to the Transfusion Transmittable Infectious Disease Monitoring System (TTIMS), maintaining collaborations between the VRI and collaborators across the country. She contributes to designing data flow networks, organizing systems, and communicating TTIMS-related information across agencies. Her research background and interests include the intersection of emerging infectious diseases and cities in light of changing world patterns, i.e. climate change, planned and unplanned urbanization and human migration. By merging virology, spatial epidemiology and predictive modelling, she considerers prevention mechanisms for infectious diseases epidemics.